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  1. Hi guys I have a 2013 86 with a steering wheel that I want to replace, am I able to replace it with a later model steering wheel that has the radio controls on it ?
  2. Gearbox question I guys recently purchased a 86 and have noticed quite a stiff gear change moving from 6th to 5th, almost like you have to force it. Has anyone else experienced this ?
  3. Need advice on a ECU tune Hi guys first post on the forum. I have recently purchased a 2013 Toyota 86 and love the car. The car is stock except for a full titanium exhaust and a K and N filter. I’m looking at a plug and play solution to gain some HP and have about $1000.00 to spend. What do you guys recommend is best bang for buck. I live in a regional area hence the request for the plug and play solution as it’s difficult to get the car to a city location. Thanking everyone in advance. Michael.
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