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  1. Bonnet seal rust my bonnet is aluminium which seal? I had an aluminium door boot and bonnet Lotus Cortina back in 1969 and some coal lumps fell off a coal truck in Lithgow NSW and put a fracture in the hood which was hard to tap out and had to be glued. No one in 1969 could weld thin Aluminium or as you guys say Aluminum!
  2. Yep saving for good and future folks I put it up on hoist and removed steel shield aand found all manner of craap and debris small stones sticks hay etc washed it all tu and refitted. Can but imagine picking up a rock and flinging it into the plastic underguard. Went down a fire trail in my RAV 4 and dented the CAT could but imagine going into forest in a BRZ/86 with 30cm ground space..
  3. Possibly by disassembling, thanks for warning the lights are a ludicrous price IMO much cheaper ones around by 75%
  4. Hi My 50 series radials have created a 10k error 110 indicated is 100 kph up about 5. How do you correct speedo error? is there a range of cogs for the gearbox like you can buy for RT40 and Rt104 Corona and celicas Or is it electronic? Thanks for looking
  5. GTS upgrade to Gt86 Rotors The MTC video is incorrect You can fit GTS 299 mm rotors to front using GTS attach brackets and the correct GTS pads. You cannot fit GTS attach brackets on the rear and use 23mm vented rotors perse Remedy mill 1mm per side from brand new rotors taking down to 16mm minimum and just in case mil brake pads 1mm each down to chamfer then and only then will GT86 calipers fit over the disc pad combo GTS. The milling of rotors whilst not ideal is legal to 16mm but pointless as the brake temps will quickly do to purple and orange steel oxide. better bet stick with solid rotors and go slotted dimpled. However solid rotors do not cool down as quick and we measured 680F vs 560F over same down hill braking test. rear rotors on 86 seem to generate and conducta lot more heat to the alloys for some reason on same braking run 580 degrees VS 400 front.
  6. 5000 k service done by Warrnambool Toyota, great friendly bunch. Came in at about $400 and did the 15000k nine month advisory. Now on the clock with My Toyota app and they say its one of the cleanest under car they have ever seen. Running new oils, and fitting GTS brake upgrade retaining sixteen inch wheels. Swapped wheels for my eight inch gt4 enkeis and v rated potenza re71s. Will be interesting to see how well the gt86 handles with the extra 1.5 inch of track each side three inches wider overall and far superior rubber
  7. Hi guys. Up for sale are a surplus set of sliding caliper support brackets that will permit a cheap effective and legal upgrade of your GT86 brakes from front small rotor to 295 and rear rotor to vented. If you take advantage of On Line Autos discounted slotted vented rotors on sale they will cost about $100 a pair for each end incl post delivered and the rda extreme pads for front and rear about another hundred. Just do ebay search for slotted dimpled rotors GTS. My asking price for brackets is $150 plus postage and they come with the anti rattle clips to mount your pads. They are genuine subaru brackets ex usa. The beauty of this modification is you use your own calipers and the brake bias is within 2% of the normal 86GT and you get to keep your sixteen inch wheels. And no brake bleeding required just upgrade fluid to higher BP. The slotted dimpled rotors from online autos at $89 per pair are cheapest in Australia by $100. I also have a set of front gts and rear calipers if needed which I did not need after watching the utube video comparison of GT vs GTS brakes. they are not needed as the pot sizes are within 2mm of the gt86 and tends to bias the brakes 1.8% to the rear Also available are set front and rear gt86 rotors and oem pads six years old 277/285 mm with only 5000 km for give away plus podtage. Safari - 1 Sep 2018 at 06:18.pdf
  8. Was lying under a 280zx one year wiggling the gearbox out, it was up on ramps at front and twin stands at back and as we wiggled could feel it walk on the back stands. Then we heard about the number of home mechaincs crushed under cars the past year (7) Got out from under rang an importer who drove down for Adelaide and fitted me up with a 3200 KG hoist for $2500. That was ten years ago. Do all service and have sucesfully swaped out engines for:- 1999 FWB SXA20 RAV 4 2005 ACA23R RAV4 FWD A GT4 AWD all track a 2004 LWB RAV4 A PEUGOT 306tdi using endless chain to suspend engine and disconnect everything and then raising the vehicle on the hoist lowering engine dangling below. Refit all new bits and lower vehicle over subframe. Some Toyotas drop out with all shafts intact. Gearboxes bit trickier as my hoist is cross support type and gearbox is in centre and restricted. Brakes wheels underfloor mufflers all easy as. QED
  9. Well my friend don't drive out west on either Hamilton Highway or Glenelg and avoid C class side roads as theya re full of log trucks bringing the wood chip and blue gums to Geelong and Portland for the next 25 years. And the Vic Roads strategy is to post signs everywhere dropping limits to 60km/hwhere og trucks enter and in some cases whole road sections like Coleraine Nareen road 50K at 80km/h. :Rough Surface" and 80K speed limits everywhere to avoid costly litigation from fast and furious driving with go cart rims and tyres. And then TOG enforces them limits so you either end up walking home fined or lose your car for 30 days.
  10. Hi campers. As a newbie with first 1000 k under my wheels have some good and bad news. 1/. Stay on foam bitumen 2/. Western district scoria road noise pretty overwhelming. 3./ woodchip and log trucks everywhere counted 17 on casterton road ast night AVOID 4/. Speed reductions to 80 k everywhere 5/. Roads are grooved and sunken under huge truck payloads. 6/. Debris everywhere treads, broken bitumen, big potholes. 7/. Slippery when wet signs all over the place 8/. Dead roos everwhere killed by the trucks. 9/. Not every town has 98 ron and its $1.67 anyway. 10/. At 100 kph on some rutted roads you will bottom out on your skid pan 11/. Night lighting is crap you wont see the roos grazing the edges on the new grass. Good news? Great daylight set of wheels. Out here everyone is curious especially the toorak tractor folks the volvo audi and merc compressor gentry. To coin a phrase t goes up hills like a rat up a drain pipe. Its a serious commuter but the 90,80,70,60,50,40 spped signs make it hard to drive so my gps limits are set exactly on the limits coppers out here near border prey on SA speeders who dont slow from their 110 crossing into this State of Enforcements. Speed in roadworks at your peril.. But the coppers SS highway patrol unmarked cruise is quicker..
  11. Found. Caliper attach brackets from redline spares from a brz $150 the set Pads and slotted dimpled tora rotors vented from online spares 295 and rear 285 mm for $250.00 Brake upgrade using sixteen inch oem $400 Mrt sydney utube video explains gt gts brz brakes changes and biasing without removing calipers and using oem pads.
  12. Just back from local dealer who did the 15000 km nine month service at 5000 km. Said car was so clean underbody No doubt due to age and being shedded. Cost was fair at $370. Need to get the micro scopic scratches out of the clear they tell me. Anyone know a good detail shop Huge number still for sale on car sales and gumtree one my13 at $13000 Did the utube mrt video and found some gts/brz set of caliper attach brackets at $105 and full set of 4 slotted dimpled rotors $170 Pads good value high performance under $100 Brake upgrade without changing calipers for under $400 Vented front rear 295/285 mm.
  13. Research on rotors. First there is a very good Utube video clip on GT vs GTS brakes and how you can use the sliding caliper attach brackets to run the second sized GTS rotors. For those interested in interchangeability there is also an excellent dated article on fitting 300ZX calipers as an upgrade at a fraction of the high upgrade prices. here are my results from reserachign rotors what fits what. REAR SOLID GT6 2012- on 285mm ACDELCO 1644 Solid fits base model GT and also Subaru XV GP 2 litre 2012-2014 and the 2009-2014 Outback 2 litre Turbo Diesel. Front VENTED GT6 277mm ACDELCO ACDR648 GT6 and Subaru outback 1996-2002 Outabck H6 2003-2006, Front 293mm Vented GTS Fits ACDR650 Forester ABS 2002-2008, Impreza STI 1999-2005, WRX 4 pot 2001-2005 Lberty B4 2001-2003, Outback H6 2002-2003, Rear vented GTS 287mm ACDELCO 653 Fits liberty B4 2001-2003, Libery GT 2004, The calipers and attach brackets and sliders much cheaper in Subaru models than Toyota genuine. It is possible to setup GTS on GT and brake baises to suit depending on which rotors you choose to use. I think the vented GTS to GT upgrade is very easy.
  14. Looking back through the posts is like a time line and the anticipation of something good coming. My shed fund is a 2012 first model country delivered owned by little country gal who for some reason just drive it too and from the shops. Now if you know anything about horizontally opposed engines like un Cessna and Piper planes you will know they are 1800 to 2000 hours tbo If turbo like in the piper arrow 1800 hours time between overhaul. The thing that stuffs horizontally opposed engunes is sitting out in the airport in the weaher unused during cold wet winters. Engines breath air in and out and moisture too. I do not imagine boxer engines much better and I have heard and seen some pretty sad farm subarus floating around. Yeah I know aircraft engines are pedestrian tractors plodding at 2500 rom. And curious these high tolerance engines run on 100 d detergent oil after 50 hours bedding in on mineral oil. Anyway 2 bits worth. Yes you have to use the 86 but I see abuse and cast offs on sale owned by little old ladies everyone asking high prices and scouts honor no one been over 5000 rpm. Buyer beware same as buying a plane inspect it first ..
  15. Thanks for input everyone. Going into local Toyota dealer for proactive approach he suggests start at the 27 month which has replaceables and then drop back to the15000 until we are caught up. Thanks for reading.
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