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  1. Hi P Plate Noob, Does the name come from being on your P plates? So is this your first car?
  2. Hi all, I have some Valenti tail lights, rear fog light, side quarter lights and front indicater lights, all smoked lens and was wondering if anyone has a copy of some paperwork saying they are road and insurance legal please? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking to put extra tweeters in to expand the top end sound, so Itried last week to install them. They are Alpine DDT S30 tweeters with crossovers. When I hooked the wires up, no sound came out and the cel came on. When I scanned it , it came up with the code P2158, which is the speed sensor B, which I deleted. Does anyone know the trick to getting the tweeters working, ive put these in cars before and it worked. Thanks In Advance
  4. An update on the coolant smell, i have been playing with different things with the air con, and have noticed if i turn the fan to 4 i don't get the smell at all, then i took the cabin filter out and on 2 i don't get the smell. So I'm taking it the quicker the air gets blown thru, it helps. So then i was thinking of may be a K&N cabin air filter. Anyone had or tried one, is it the same as a engine filter which allows more air thru?
  5. Soundskins sound deadening update; I had it installed in the doors on the weekend, with the speakers it improved them a tad, as for the outside noise it has cut it down like you wouldn't believe. Being on hands free i have been told there is not a lot of background noise!!!!!!!!!
  6. Has anybody put soundskins in their doors and if so, does it make a difference to the speakers and the outside noise?
  7. To answer your last question Gts Blonde, i think its just a way to make money.
  8. I've just seen there is a video put up in 'Do It Yourself DIY Videos Gts Blonde. Maybe watch that. The other thing i've noticed in my car is if I'm stopped with the front wheels turned left or right, i get a slight vibration for a split second when taking off. Just thinking it could be the limited slip doing its thing.
  9. Hi, there should be no problem hooking it up. The rca converter is not in the kit. You would have to buy this extra.
  10. I can't understand how they think hitting it with a hammer and spraying silicone spray will stop the parcel shelf from making noise? What's the idea behind that?
  11. Hey Gts Blonde, ok cool, I plugged the sound tube off but unplugged it. I missed the sound too much. Although I'm told there is too much background noise when I'm on hands free.
  12. Yeah, there's always niggles. I've never come across the tapping clicking sound. Maybe it got something to do with the sub covering it up. The 86 is an awesome car to drive. Have you got a k&n air filter and if so have you had any issues? I've read the cel comes on and does nothing for the response. Also have you done anything with your exhaust? I am thinking of changing the headers under the motor to reduce the radiant heat but am not interested in the whole tune thing
  13. Hi Gts Blonde, Thanks for the reply. I have spoken to a few people with a 86/ Brz and a Wrx, with the same Fa20 motor, and have all said they dont have this issue also. I forgot to add i'm a mechanic and it is baffling me also. An update on the car. I have had it back to the dealership to be checked out again, they pressure tested the system again and theres no leak, took the car for a drive, there is no stains anywhere and they could not detect a smell. I showed up to collect the car early and they allowed me to take it for a drive for 20 minutes so I could show them the smell. Being 5pm the traffic was heavy so I couldn't give it a hard constant run, showed back to the dealership and no smell. it made me look like a fool. The service advisor told me if it does it and I'm in the area to stop in anytime to show them. Which is good of them. Since it has been there I have not smelt it, and there has been some hotter days here lately. So I'm not sure if they have done something while it was there and haven't said anything, but I will keep an eye on it and keep my fingers crossed that it stays this way.
  14. Hi , I own a 2015 Toyota 86 Gts Auto, I brought it second hand with 12,000 kms from a Toyota dealer in Sydney which was owned by Toyota themselves with full service history. The car now has 15,000 kms. On a 22 degree and above day with a/c on when I pull up I have a strong coolant smell evident. It never uses water, ive never had to top it up. Its has also never got hot, the guage sits just below half. Ive had Toyota check it out, to which, surprise surprise, there is no leak at the time. The overflow bottle when cold was on the full mark and then obviously rose with the expanding hot water. I read on the bonnet that the level should be between low and full, cold and warm, which I have done by reducing the level. I removed the seal at the rear of the bonnet thinking it would allow for better airflow in the engine bay. All this seemed to have worked for a few weeks but now it seems to have come back slightlty. Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it. I was thinking it could be a thermostat not behaving properly or a coolant water mix over a 50/50 mix. Or is this just the way the car is? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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