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  1. Whats your roster mate? When are back next?
  2. If you have the stabdard sized rim stick with those sized tyres. Going wider will cause tye sidewalls to flex more. Tyre types are like body kits, everyone will have a different preference because they all drive differently. I had preference for the federal 595 range in summer because of their nice stiff sidewalls, dry grip and predictability. In the winter and wet months i used the kumho ku39 tyre. Sidewalls are aofter but their wet weather grip was insane! You can find some that sit in the middle bit you will be compromising on both parts. But always keep your front and rears the same! Need to maintain balance.
  3. Aftermarket? Generally any of the japanese brands. Tomei, greddy, sard, cusco, hks, tein... plus a whole lot more. Brands from those sites are genuine so just search for your model car and you can spend hours sifting through stuff.
  4. Kits are a personal taste mate. As i mentioned i will be going the 2nd version aero kit from TRD some point next year. Have just ordered my first batch of TRD goodies from blackhawk Japan. Take a gander on their site if you want. Search for ZN6. Theres also Nengun and rhdjapan and perfectrun.jp Check those and see what you can find
  5. Under law mate if they havent fixed your car properly to your satisfaction and within a reasonable timeframe you can get the repairs done where ever you wish and forward the bill to toyota. If you were in Perth id be happy to help in both areas.
  6. A turbo has a lot more piping and generally a lot more heat in the engine bay. Technically you can run a turbo without an intercooler but with the high compression its not something i would recommend. Superchargers compliment the chassis better and are easier to live with day to day. Turbos have that addictive rush though but at the end of the day if reliability and ease of use is important i would go supercharger. The widebody kits can be vastly different. Depending on how wide you go will dictate what you need to do. I had a mate with a garage mak on his s15 and he needed a lot of the metal guards cut before the fitting to allow adequate wheel movement. These kinda kits are illegal unless the metal guard is basically customised to meet the wide fender. Very costly to do. Generally most kits will twll you what is required for fitment but the smaller widebodys are generally just a slightly wider fender stuck over the existing panels and are therefore legal. Of course there are other details and stuff that needs to be considered but trying to keep it simple for you. Any sort of modifications like this though are highly noticeable, especially from the boys in blue. First off you should decide if you want this to be just a daily driver with some subtle and nice work that doesnt draw attention. Or something a bit more extreme. Each to their own i know but its up to you to decide if its worth the potential hassle. I will offer advice where i can as will other forum members.
  7. With the drive in drive out kits no u dont. Cant run too much boost in these engines as their compression ratio is 12.5:1 which is insanely high and also the reason we have to use 98 RON fuel. Read some reviews on the cosworth and harrop kits and decide how much u want to spend.
  8. Hey bud! Welcome to the fold! Im new to this site myself but have been involved in motorsports since i was little and a mechanic by trade. What i know is the turbo route which can be done, is expensive for us here in Aus being a rhd. If you want to consider something reliable with longevity in mind then i would go a supercharger. I myself will be followijg this path next year. Do your research on kits though as there are a few drive in and drive out options, most of which will be around the $9k plus mark. I will be going with the Cosworth kit over the harrop myself. Better engineered, however its more costly. As for bodykit id check out TRD. They have a couple of kits. Im partial to the version 2 of their aero kit. Sexy as. Anyways mate, goodluck with it all! Im trying to be as active as i can but these forums are very quiet which is a shame...
  9. Fenix


    There are no advantages to having screamers. Making shitloads of noise when on boost is not what most ppl would call advantageous. There is zero difference in power. Just the good ol placebo effect.
  10. As far as CF goes i havent been able to find any... i ended up going with TRD goodies instead... feel your pain though
  11. Id look at MRT in Syd champ. They were one of the first workshops to start tinkering with the 86 when it landed. They sell the cosworth supercharger package and they also back the factory warranty with any mod they do.
  12. Hi guys! Name is Steel, just bought the track ready limited edition 86 and drive it from Melbourne to Perth... trip was amazing!!! I also spent some money on some genuine TRD items just to spruce it up a little. Hope to be an active member and help out when i can. Seasoned motorsport man and mechanic by trade. Can be a little hard to get a hold of because i work FIFO though. See you guys around
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