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  1. Are there any experienced Automotive engineers out there who have prepared comprehensive vehicle reports that have in been used in a court of law or in the NSW Consumer Claims Tribunal to substantiate a claimants concerns? If so, I would like to hear from you as I have concerns with my 86. I won't bore you with the details but I need an engineer asap. I am based in Sydney. Any recommendations or referrals would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Subsequent to all of the above, 3 mechanics I know have had a look at the car and all agree thst there is way too much backlash in the diff. The laptop technicians and computer code readers at Toyota reckon there is nothing wrong with the car and everything is within spec. It's a shame that they can't fess up and say yes there is a problem. Also, their tool arrived and didn't identify any error. To add insult, when i picked up the car yesterday and drove it home I noted a tinny sound under the car. It appears they may not have reaattched the heat shield or something under the car back on properly. Yep, back again tomorrow for another visit to the dealer so an amateur technician (no such thing as a mechanic at this dealer) to fix up another of their fuck ups. Does anybody on the forum know an experienced mechanic / engineer (transmission / diff specialist) with experience in 86/BRZ vehicles who could look at the car and provide a report which I would use to support my Consumer Claims Tribunal claim. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Well Toyota tech looked at the vehicle where all the issues were replicated in front of him. Said they could make a few adjustments to the diff. Asked whether I could leave the car with them. This I did. Dealership rings after 4.00pm and staes that they just need to do one more thing to the vehicle before they are happy with it, however they need a special tool for the automatic which they don't have. You can though pick up your car. OK, so when will you get this special tool? "3 weeks. Comes from Japan". So they can't get this locally, or they haven't heard of DHL? FFS this is an absolute joke. Anyway they kept the car overnight because I couldn't pick it up last night. Looking forward to more excuses this morning when i pick it up and a future visit when they get the tool. Talking about tools, Toyota and the dealer are perfect examples.
  4. Latest update on the saga is a toyota technician is booked for July 14. The matter has also been lodged with Fair Trading (now referred to their motor vehicle unit). Meanwhile the issue remains.
  5. I will try to keep this is as brief as possible but it a story in itself. I own a 2014 GTS Auto. Less than 8,00 kms, full service history. 1 owner. Car was booked in for its final fixed price service 2 months out of warranty. I also reported an issue with the diff. Symptoms were like driving over ripple strips that how bad the diff was. Service tech came on a test drive with me and issue was slightly replicated. Said they all do this Went to pick the car up in the afternoon when I got in the car and selected Reverse gear there was huge thud. It did this several times. Issue was not evident when the car went in for service otherwise they would have been told to look at it. Storm into dealership and make them aware of the issue. It is replicated several times in front of service personnel. They take it out the back for a few minutes and say there si nothing evident. Bring it back tomorrow (Saturday) when we can have a more detailed look. 8 weeks later, yes 8 weeks later I got my car back but not fixed. Oh and a month before I even got a loan car. How piss poor? The dealer thought it was the gearbox. As this dealership does not do auto box repairs it was flat bedded to another Sydney dealership. To add insult ti injury they wanted to hit me for the tow charges. A complaint to Toyota Guest Experience results in the charges being waived. They then play the game of whether Toyota will cover it under warranty. Though 2 months out of warranty and only 8,000 kms this is a no brainer under consumer law. I'm advised Toyota will cover repairs under warranty. Next thing is whether they will rebuild or replace the diff. No surprises here, the cheap option, repair. However parts will be 3 weeks. 2 days shy of 8 weeks I am advised that the car is ready. I inspect the car and note a ding on both doors. Luckily they were minor with no paint missing which paintless dent removal should fix. They agree to fix. On Friday exactly 8 weeks to the day I go to pick up the car. Give it the once over and it looks ok. Go to start it and the battery is dead as a door nail. Storm into dealership. They get out a jump starter and start the car. About to leave for home I select Reverse gear when there is a thud in the rear end. It did this several times including when you put it into drive. Also when the shifter was placed in Park a split second later the shifter would move by itself a couple of millimetres into its final position. It did this about 5 times. Storm back into the dealership again. Both issues replicated in front of service adviser. Told to take it and if issue persists bring it back on Monday. Service adviser says he will complete a job card. Monday call the Guest Experience call centre 3 times. They are useless., no different to an Indian call centre rather a technical call centre. They merely log the call and listen to you whinge. No accountability and offer no solution to issues. Dealer calls and say that they are at a loss and are awaiting guidance from Toyota i.e arrange for one of their technicians to come out. They don't want to start changing parts blah blah blah. Tuesday, the dealer concedes there is nothing more that they can do. The latest is that it is a "characteristic" of the car. 8 weeks to tell me this. I told the call centre I want their engineer to look at it. No commitment from Toyota. My next steps are Fair Trading. More waste of my time. Any recommendations on what to do next or in fact whether the thud in the rear end when engaging gear is a "characteristic" would be appreciated.
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