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  1. I recently bought a 2012 Gts86 with 4500km from a dealer. First thing I did was take it to my mechanic and ask them to go over the car and change all the fluids. Report from them was that I presented them with essentially a brand new car. I now have 9000km on the clock with absolutely no problems whatsoever.
  2. Just put these leds into the foglights. They look much better than stock. They do have a very slight blueish hue. They just over $20 a pair.
  3. vur haven't noticed any reduction in wind noise. But I have noticed that it keeps a little more of the weather out (rain).
  4. I've been looking at speaker installs and one thing that has been recommended is sound deadening of the car panels to improved the quality of sound in the car. Looking on ebay car insulation can cost around $30-$40 for a size of about 300 x 900. Has anyone used or thought about using house thermal membrane like the link below and adhere to the car panels using a spray adhesive. You could probably pick up partially used rolls on Gumtree etc. for a further reduction in cost. Just thinking. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ametalin-thermalbrane-4-4-0-x-1500mm-x-20m-insulation_p0811014
  5. Got them on ebay for about $80. They are made from smoked plastic of some type. The link is http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-TOYOTA-86-WEATHER-SHIELD-WEATHERSHIELDS-WINDOW-VISOR-GUARD-DOOR-DEFLECTOR-/272239525050?hash=item3f62bd7cba:g:vL8AAMXQQQZR32EZ. Easy to install Cheers
  6. Could you connect the positive at the light source and just earth under the dash somewhere. Would save a lot of wire and time threading through the car.
  7. Installed these the other day. Really happy with the result.
  8. Installed weathershields to my gts yesterday. Really happy with the results. Would love to post pics but having issues
  9. Installed these yesterday. Happy with the result
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