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  1. I've bought this car 1yo, prepared it for tracking (oil, pads, all cooling, including ATF cooler installed, header replaced, tuned) - but sadly I had to quit tracking it due to constant motion sickness. I've kept it for a while, as it's a nice fun car, but I've gone for a more comfortable one now, so this one is up for sale. Very low kms, kept with loving care. Ad is up on carsales https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/det...SE-AD-6380517/
  2. The facebook group is not a "he" it's more like a trading place. With patience you will probably find something eventually. You can also check the usual places; ebay & gumtree. Occasionally you can find something there, too.
  3. This is your fitment bible: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7535 17x9.5 with +40 offset is a proven fit so you may be ok. But there's little reason to put such tyres on. They'll in fact lower your car's performance if anything - unless you run some serious FI kit.
  4. Looks like paint damage, ask a shop for a respray on the front bumper. It maybe around $400-$500 just for the respray. If there's something else...god knows. How did you get that damage, just out of interest? Edit: wait, the 2nd pic is the fender? Well, then it'll be quite a bit more, and depending how you got the damage there maybe suspension damage, too. Take it to a good shop for a quote.
  5. I've got my 1yo GTS auto for 31.5 last year, so maybe it's a bit high?
  6. I have another car that does that. (the stock unit) It's extremely annoying. They even made it so that you can't change the address while driving. Who the fuck had this magic idea I don't know. I thought my wife sitting next to me should be fully qualified to set an address in the gps nav. But nooooo. The bloody morons.
  7. Ah, yes, camber bolts - don't go to track without them Even on the roads it helps, the stock front camber is zero on these cars, and with a bit of luck you can get 1.2-1.4 with some whiteline camber bolts. Cheap & effective. Wrt freeway sound: ask your mate if he deleted the sound tube. That maybe another reason for the quietness http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72263 If you have tested & liked the yokos, just get them. There's not that much difference in (dry) performance with good tyres, the driver is a more important factor, usually.
  8. I've had Eagle F1 (symmetric) on my previous car, the road noise wasn't bad. It got more noisy once it got a bit worn, but it was never bad. But you maybe talking about the asymetric, that I don't know of. I had Pirellis, but not the p zero. I was very happy with the handling of those tyres, they were exceptionally good, but they were soft, and worn down pretty quickly. I'd still go for it, but money maybe an issue for you. I've got some NT01's now for tracking...now that's bloody noisy. But grips nicely once it's warm. I'd never use it for everyday driving, though. I'd go mad. Also had some bad experience with bridgestone, although a very different car & tyre combo. That was noisy too, even though the dealer said it's very quiet. BS. Good grip, but noisy. I'm running ContiSportContact5 for everyday use. (zero noise) It's not exceptionally grippy in the dry (good, just not exceptional), but boy it's a joy in the wet! That was my priority. In the dry it's easy to keep it on the road with any tyre - this car handles really well ! I've even had it on the track once, in the wet, and it holds up very well. Bit squirmy over 160 (in the wet). The 225 width can be put on the stock rims, but you won't notice any difference in handling. Let's put it this way: It's 1cm wider. Also, the camber on the front (or the lack of it) pretty much negates any decent grip for cornering - so it may only affect braking performance. Also the 225 is usually quite a bit more expensive, and the choices are very limited. Also, the wider you go, the heavier it gets. And this is rotating unsprung mass we're talking about, the worst kind. (this is the very reason putting 18" tyres on an N/A car is a stupid idea IMO.) Depending how many km's you're doing yearly, you might want to get the Michelin, it's reportedly the best tyre-wear wise, and the grip will be very-very similar across all the (good) tyres. It maybe among the pricier choices, but how often do you buy tyres? With public road use only, it may well be 3-4 years before you need another set. Saving a couple of hundred here is not really a big saving...$50/year? How much do you spend on your mobile phone per year average, just for comparison? my 2c
  9. The best brand seems to be ACE if you're after the most power. But it's expensive. It gets rid of the torque dip, and it provides a very nice power increase. All this needs a stage2 tune. Ace headers usually come with front pipes and without a catalyst, so it may be illegal to run depending where you are (this is just FYI, I don't think police will make much of a fuss if your car is otherwise normal, or at least more or less normal-looking) It's EL (equal length) so you won't get the "boxer rumble" - which is a bonus if you ask me, but each to their own. I strongly recommend you do your research on ft86club.com, there's a plethora of information over there. p.s. I run an ACE250/b - ah, you need a 'B' version for RHD cars. The difference is very real in both power delivery and peak power.
  10. Sounds great I'll try it myself, in a few months at worst!
  11. Thanks for the reply Interesting approach. I took the exact opposite; took the car out on the track stock, and then slowly upgrading-tracking-upgrading-tracking to see the changes So far the single biggest one I reckon is the track tyres (nitto nt01). Then the ACE header & stage2 tune.
  12. Question (since I'm thinking of the mca reds, too): Do you have some comparative laptimes before/after? How did the reds affect your street driving (if at all - or you might not drive on the streets) Thanks!
  13. The problem as I see it is that you did not specify what you want, you asked for a reverse camera. You got it. For the agreed price. I'd say the main aim of these cameras is to avoid hitting low obstacles - and that it does well. So you can't easily argue the functionality of guidelines either. (I'll be honest with you, I don't trust them anyway, they aren't accurate enough - the mirrors are ten times more functional) If the install is really shoddy and you run into problems with it, wires hanging out, etc, then that's a good base for going further, but as it stands, it's really up to the dealership if they are willing to give in to you, in this case, IMO. Best of luck but sadly I don't see much chance to win legal proceedings here due to the lack of specifications up front. Maybe the slightly skewed image is grounds for some reparation. However, that maybe as easy as adjusting the camera a bit. Or really maybe the assumption that you expected the stock toyota camera to be installed. Best thing to do I reckon is to contact fair trading - free of charge - and ask for their view on the matter. Anyways, good luck as I said, it must be frustrating as hell.
  14. Have you talked to these guys, see what they actually offer for your needs? MCA alone offers 3 different types for different circumstances. (2 maybe more applicable; the blue & red) MCA is the official supplier for the 86 series. They're Australian. But your needs maybe different. Just contact both, see what they offer, first of all, in my opinion.
  15. Hey mate, what colour bonnet you got, and how much you'd ask for it? Thanks
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