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  1. Hi all, looking to sell my wife's iPhone. White 32gb 4s in extremely good condition. Been cased and with protective screen cover for most its life so still looks practically brand new. A hardly noticeable 2mm scratch half way up the screen the only real blemish. Comes with original box & charger (no headphones). Looking for $300. Will chuck it up on eBay & Gumtree if there is no interest here.
  2. Had mine almost a year, and the reverse light perhaps over 6 months. Never been pulled over, but I'm in QLD. Check out the NSW rules specifically though, but In QLD the lights not only meet ADR i.e distance visible, reflectors etc, they are also certified E4 (i.e. certified in the EU), which makes them automatically compliant here.
  3. Only about 20-25mm lower than stock. Kept the pre-set height from MCA. Ride is great. Obviously not as soft as stock, but bearable even on crap Brisbane roads. I don't think you'll find anyone who has MCA's not recommend them, although the same could be said for most brands as people will often talk up the stuff they went with.
  4. Sooooooooo, finally got my Five:AD boot lip spoiler. Looks awesome.
  5. Thanks guys. Hawk do you know what they did to fix yours.
  6. Hey guys. Has anyone else got/had heaps of rattling coming from the rear seat. Sounds like it comes from the clips it locks into. If so how have you fixed it? It is annoying the shit out of me!
  7. Finally ordered/paid for another mod - 5Axis Wing on the way.
  8. It actually looks to me that the running light has a reflector built in Hawk. The pattern between the led's looks the same as my Valenti brake light/reflector.
  9. So I see your car out the front. I work in the C&K building beside you. Neighbours. :-)
  10. Yeah that was me parking under cover after the storm warnings for that day if it is the day I am thinking of... Were you the 86 (grey maybe) coming out of the CFG Offices?
  11. If I recall correctly, didn't you get Valenti's from StreetFX? If so they are likely plug and play with no wire changes required (mine came for US market from a different supplier). All you should have to do is un-clip the boot linings & then the wiring plugs, undo the 4 nuts and pull out the old ones, reverse the order putting the new ones in.
  12. I'm not sure that size is legal for the 86 (although only marginally perhaps)? legality matters to me for insurance purposes.
  13. If you had the CC03's in 18x8.5+38 I would be in there in a heartbeat.... :-(
  14. please PM me a price for set of 18x8.5+38 in the silver thanks.
  15. Think the UK and Nz Models have those decal options.
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