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    Hey man the photos still dont show and I'm pulling my hair out because i can't get it to pass the MOT in the UK. I need the fog light triangle only on with the fog light switch and the V working as normal. I've tried connect blue with orange and black but then the V won't work and fog light is always on. EDIT: I moved the blue wire from the fog light into the socket for the fog light switch. So the red wire is still spliced into the red wire for the tank lights. Now the fog light comes on with the switch. Only problem is now the v doesn't come on with the tail lights because the blue wire from the tail lights is no longer connected. Just unsure how to complete the circuit so that the v only comes on with the normal lights whilst keeping the blue wire for the fog light connected at the plug. EDIT 2: I've done it! Thank god. Ill add photos now. I put the blue wire back into the socket as original. put the red wire to the blue wire of the tail lights. Orange and black to blue. So now the v comes on with tail lights, fog light with fog light switch and reversing light as normal. Braking doesn't do anything for it now and I'm not fussed about that. So glad thats sorted haha.
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