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  2. There hasn't been a post on this forum since 2019, wondering if everyone's ok? I just re-bought an 86 figured I'd log back in to my old account, but everyone's gone? lol
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  4. So I've got mirror covers like this: and have completed the mechanical installation. Just wiring left. I managed to find these instructions on ft86speedfactory for the US versions: But our RHD version have different wiring colours: I'm not sure which to tap into. But also, those instructions don't mention the DRL wiring. I've also found the Chargespeed and Avest instructions, but they use the LED relay wires instead and get extremely vague right at this section. Chargespeed seems to be suggesting this (but without clear pictures): While Avest suggests the same LEFT+ and RIGHT+ as above, but tells you to connect the DRL elsewire entirely?? Anyone done this before would like to chime in? Many thanks in advance.
  5. [SOLD] Hi all, Looking to sell my Invidia N2 70mm Cat Back Exhaust System. The exhaust is in really good condition, only 6 months old (driven on for no more than 5000 km). There are a few minor scratches here and there but only on the S-pipe and the mid-pipe, which won't be visible under the car when installed anyway. Selling this because I opted for a more quiet alternative. The gaskets and bolts are included and will be sent in the original Invidia box. If you're interested, please get in touch here or just use the ebay listing provided. Asking for around $1000 (not including shipping) Ebay listing
  6. I just replaced the original battery on my 2015 GT86. All good except when I restarted the car, the reverse camera and radio weren't working (neither was the gps maps but that's never worked). The dash display says I need an sd card (which I've never had). All other functions appear to be working. Other forums have said Toyota want $400 and I can't understand how the radio/camera are affected and I don't care about gps maps. Do I just have to swallow the $400 Toyota charge? What should I do? Are after-market sd cards viable? What do gps maps, reverse camera and radio have to do with sd card? Appreciate your advice. K
  7. SD card issue
  8. DR86


  9. For sale (i sold my 86, these are spares): $100 for everything below. Bendix Ultra Premium Pads Set - DB1491/DB1803 Penzoil Full Synthetic 0w20 5L oil. Nulon Coolant 5L. Pickup 2170.
  10. hey, im having a issue with my gps in my 2016 toyota 86, usually when its giving directions the arrow is facing up (directing up) where as now it is directing down as though it is following a map/compass which is making it abit hard to navigate with my slight dyslexia. anyone know how to get it back to how it originally was .
  11. Purchased with intent to retrofit to my GT86, so purchased Toyota "connector plugs" to permit installation. These were purchased in 2016, but never fitted to my 86 which I have now sold. Connectors to allow fitment will come with the headlights, should you want them. Condition is what you would expect from the age - Can provide photos where required. PRICE - $800 ONO LOCATION - SA, but willing to post to metropolitan suburbs in Australia at buyer's cost. Contact me on 0401317009 or PM me for more info.
  12. Hey man the photos still dont show and I'm pulling my hair out because i can't get it to pass the MOT in the UK. I need the fog light triangle only on with the fog light switch and the V working as normal. I've tried connect blue with orange and black but then the V won't work and fog light is always on. EDIT: I moved the blue wire from the fog light into the socket for the fog light switch. So the red wire is still spliced into the red wire for the tank lights. Now the fog light comes on with the switch. Only problem is now the v doesn't come on with the tail lights because the blue wire from the tail lights is no longer connected. Just unsure how to complete the circuit so that the v only comes on with the normal lights whilst keeping the blue wire for the fog light connected at the plug. EDIT 2: I've done it! Thank god. Ill add photos now. I put the blue wire back into the socket as original. put the red wire to the blue wire of the tail lights. Orange and black to blue. So now the v comes on with tail lights, fog light with fog light switch and reversing light as normal. Braking doesn't do anything for it now and I'm not fussed about that. So glad thats sorted haha.
  13. Hi I bought my 2014 86 GTS in December last year. Very good condition with 53xxx on it at the time. It has now done 55600 km. Just want to know if this idle sound, sounds okay? When the Car is stopped at a traffic light and radio volume not really loud can hear the idle sound inside the car, a bit. Is this normal? Iv read about chirping and crickets but not sure if this is the issue. Another sound I noticed recently was somewhere at the rear of the car. Sometimes when turn right at an intersection, while turning I press a bit hard on the accelerator when im in 2nd gear. This would very slightly screech the tyres for about a second. Last time I tried this, a grinding sound came from the rear of the car. I am worried and dont know what this could be. Overall the car is driving fine with no issues, however The gear slightly vibrates when idle but this seems normal. VID-20200227-WA0000.mp4 VID-20200227-WA0001.mp4
  14. Hey, is this still available for any chance? from syd btw
  15. WTS: openflash tablet for Toyota 86. purchased on JUN 2016 used once, unmarried, just like new one. I'm located in ACT, pick up or post. price : $450(for pick up only)
  16. Hi guys, My steering wheel airbag had gone off. Upon replacing I have a clockspring I got with the airbag I bought from the wreckers (from a 2017 86, mine is a 2014). I've noticed the clock spring I got from the wreckers turns more than 5 times (approx 7 times it turns), compared to the one originally in my car that turns 5 times. Does this mean the replacement clock spring I have is no good? Another question, why do I need to replace a clock spring when the airbag goes off, is it only due to the potential melting of wires behind the airbag? And people just end up replacing the whole thing? Because I'm sure I'm able to replace these wires from my original clockspring going into the airbag, nothing else seems to be damaged from the clockspring itself. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hey guys, I don't know how active this forum is, but I thought I might introduce myself. Just bought a Pearl White 2015 86 GT manual . A really terrific car with only 27,500 on the clock. I grew up driving sports cars and hot hatches (mostly 70's and 80'sAlfas, 50's,60's and 70's British) other than a Mazda3 Sp23 I bought new and traded to buy my 86, this is my first true Japanese Sports car and certainly my first Toyota . I gotta say guys, this is by far the best sports car I have ever driven. I just cannot get over what an amazing car this is. I am blown away by my 86.
  18. Hi Tim! Unfortunately these forums aren't very active anymore. I still mod from time to time to get rid of spam etc. Enjoy reading the historical documents! (reference to Galaxy Quest the movie)
  19. Restored the original from a web.archive save. Enjoy! The Valenti lights have been updated at least once since but this should give you are starting point.
  20. Hi all, Got these wheels up for sale. Purchased directly from work wheels japan via driftworks UK, they cost $4200 AUD Delivered along with a 6 month waiting time. I am looking for $2500 for the set which come with a free set of work wheels open ended lug nuts. I will not be shipping these. Local pickup only. from Southern Sydney region 2216. Brand new - They have never had a tyre mounted to them or fitted to a car. Ordered with custom sizing and offset for flush fit to a toyota 86/brz. Staggered Front 18x8.5 +40 Rear 18x9.5 +45 Bolt Pattern 5x100 Please let me know if you have any further questions.
  21. Recently I was sitting at a red light and was rear ended by someone whom then preceded to flee the scene, without his Registration and details my insurance company will not cover me for the damages sustained to my car. Instead of selling it to the wreckers for 4/5 of FA I'm hoping to sell it whole to someone who can make use of the parts. It has been well looked after, before me it has only had one owner which was an old woman. I have been regularly changing oil/transmission fluid and filters as required and drove it sensibly. After the accident I changed the damaged wheel over and drove it away, I noticed no problems driving it back - however it is far from roadworthy. The car comes with 4 good wheels and a well preserved engine. The car is located in Padstow $1200 Contact me on 0413982206 if interested, cheers
  22. LAST DAY TO ORDER It's the last day for the End Of Year Sale! You can see all special deals by clicking here! Deals will end at midnight EST tonight! Happy shopping!
  23. Bump! Last day to subscribe to the newsletter to get the subscribers-only deals~
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