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  2. Work GT5 18X10 +38 5x100 Gutter rash on all wheels nothing crazy except one wheel. Genuine wheels Pirelli P7 245/40/18 70 % TREAD IMG_7747.HEIC IMG_7722.HEIC IMG_7723.HEIC IMG_7720.HEIC IMG_7721.HEIC IMG_7719.HEIC
  3. Does the MY15 also get the updated suspension the 2015 model got. looking at 2014 Toyota 86 GTS MY15
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  5. Hi guys, I’ve just bought a 2014 86 and I’ve noticed a small gap with the rear bumper (image attached). Before purchasing the car I had an inspection by a reputable place and they said the car hasn’t been in any sort of accident. There’s also no reported write-offs. Is this gap normal on these cars? Cheers
  6. Looking at selling my 2017 Toyota 86 gts (13,000 Kms) Automatic Tiptronic with shifter paddles It has a legally engineered V2 Rocket Bunny Kit installed by Queens Street Customs in Sydney. Modifications: -V2 Rocket Bunny Kit (Engineered & lodged with the RMS) -Emotion T7r 2p Wheels to fit the wide body kit -RGB Spec D headlights & Taillight with showmodes -3D Rasty Wing -Custom Splitter w/ Splitter rods -Invidia N1 Exhaust This car is in pristine condition, I have been the only owner & it was purchased new in 2017. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/padstow-heights/cars-vans-utes/2017-toyota-86-gts-rocket-bunny/1232365717
  7. I just bought a Greddy turbo kit and want to go e85, wll this be a good way of going e85 or no?
  8. Keep an eye on the clutch there is known issues of TOB. I would only let a subaru dealership do the recall.
  9. Hey all, I've had my 2013 BRZ for 9 months now (done about 5,000k's) which, if I have understood correctly, means it's due for a service. The previous owners performed the 45k and 60k services by themselves not at a dealer/mechanic so unfortunately theses aren't stamped in the logbook. This has not proven to be an issue and I have no concerns about the car at this stage and it is running perfectly but I cannot be certain that the previous owners performed all the required service checkpoints. On top of this, there are, a number of maintenance issues which need to be addressed, as follows: -valve spring recall is yet to be performed -drivers door hinge doesn't hold the door partially or fully open and is free to move back and forth without resistance -battery is struggling to hold charge and is probably due to be replaced -there appears to be some condensation in the horizontal DRL's -clutch is a bit squeaky (though I understand this is an easy DIY fix with some lube) -a small, loose piece of plastic under the car on the drivers side (probably just needs to be screwed into place) From what I gather, finding an independent mechanic to service the car will save me some cash (any suggestions within Melbourne are appreciated). However, given the valve spring recall has not been done and the other maintenance things which need to be addressed, am I better taking it to a dealer this time around and having them stamp the 60k service in the book? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  10. Hi mate do you know of an 86/brz forum that actually has active members? I joined here tonight and the vast majority of posts are years old. Cheers
  11. Hey bro, i just got and 86 last week and joined this forum tonight. I noticed that you have posted three times with no reply. I hope I didn't waste my time joining this site. With regards to your gearbox problem......mine is fine but I did have a slight selection issue with my wrx. I changed to redline anti shock (or something) and it totally went away. My suggestion is change to a performance lubricant before looking elsewhere. Guff
  12. Hi guys I have a 2013 86 with a steering wheel that I want to replace, am I able to replace it with a later model steering wheel that has the radio controls on it ?
  13. Gearbox question I guys recently purchased a 86 and have noticed quite a stiff gear change moving from 6th to 5th, almost like you have to force it. Has anyone else experienced this ?
  14. Need advice on a ECU tune Hi guys first post on the forum. I have recently purchased a 2013 Toyota 86 and love the car. The car is stock except for a full titanium exhaust and a K and N filter. I’m looking at a plug and play solution to gain some HP and have about $1000.00 to spend. What do you guys recommend is best bang for buck. I live in a regional area hence the request for the plug and play solution as it’s difficult to get the car to a city location. Thanking everyone in advance. Michael.
  15. Hi P Plate Noob, Does the name come from being on your P plates? So is this your first car?
  16. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a BRZ soon and I want to plan out how to approach modding the car so I don't do something wrong and waste money or worse, break something. I mainly want to use it as a daily driver but at the same time, I want it to be decently fast so I can keep up with the likes of a Stock STi or Focus RS. I wish to make around 230-250 whp with a supercharger, but I have a few questions regarding this. Before people recommend a turbo, I definitely know I want a supercharger because I prefer having power down low... 1) Is it possible to reach 250 whp with a positive displacement supercharger on 91? 2) Does that require me to go for a fully built engine? 3) Do I need to start changing out things e.g. clutch, axle, etc at that power levels? and lastly 4) Will it keep up with a stock sti or rs? The reason I am so obsessed with "keeping up" with those kinds of cars, is because those are the kinds of cars my friends are going to be buying, and I don't want them to flatten me on the highway or at a Nasho Run (for all you NSW people)
  17. Is anyone able to advise on what the key differences are between the Australian delivered Subaru BRZ 2017 Sports Pack and 2018/19 tS spec models? From what I have read the Sports Pack was a limited edition release in 2017 with a capped number of units, but the tS in the following year seems to have all the same benefits - aside from the badge/sticker I can't see the difference between them?
  18. leoncr04

    Engine Tuners

    Do engine tuners like Superchips really work? Do they really improve a vehicle's acceleration and fuel efficiency?
  19. Loosen up. Some people know that but they are just used to calling them a certain way. Different strokes for different folks.
  20. Do you still have your STI?
  21. 5 years, after and that ride still looks awesome!
  22. Go for it. They look great!
  23. Hey all, I was just wanting to know if a 4" tip will be able to fit on the TRD bodykit as I am wanting to get a new custom exhaust with a 4 inch tip if possible but if not I will just keep the 4" ones. I am hoping to get a custom axleback and I also want the resonator in the midpipe taken out. Cheers for your help ~86Legend
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