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  6. Another vote for Bowden's. Love supporting Australian Made and they also make a pH neutral 'Nanolicious' wash which doesn't screw with GTechniq ceramic coat.
  7. Darn - was looking at purchasing a set of these, much prefer the look to the Valenti's. How did you get on with fixing them? Also - were they still fairly new when the LED's went? :/ - As ZAZ has said, they're definitely big-ticket compared to others. Anyone have a good-looiking alternative aside from Valenti's?
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  10. So which tyre did you end up going with? And what are your long term thoughts on them? You're hitting the 3-4 years mark again, what will you be eyeing this round?
  11. OK I have finally taken the plunge. Avest has recently uploaded NEW instructions in HD and color, but they've also released new products so the wire colors are different. From what I've gathered, there are 2 main ways to do the Turn Signal wiring - either as the Diagrams above (splice into HD1), or Avest's method splicing into the flasher connectors. I've done it the 1st way, via the HD1 connection, because the passenger side has more space to work with. I can confirm that on Australia's RHD models, the wiring loom is on the left/passenger side as well, (you need to remove the door sill and the inner corner trim (1 pop clip near the firewall) to expose this loom), and the colors for left and right turn are accurate. The correct white and yellow/green wires are near the "middle" of the connector, on the right side, and are adjacent to each other. I have chosen to splice it near the connector itself to avoid undoing miles of electrical tape. For the DRL, there's a fuse specifically for it (driver side footwell fusebox), and I combined both sides and added them in with an "add a fuse" thingy, retained the original 10A for the DRL, and used a 5A for the mirror cover DRL. Working fine so far. Ground points are really easy, plenty of naked bolts, just expose ~3cm of wire and tuck it somewhere.
  12. Hi ya'll, I'm very new to modding and just began selecting some wheels for my 2016 Auto GT 86. The stock wheels are 16 inch and I want something a little bit bigger, likely the same size as the GTS wheels (17 inch). The size I'm currently looking at is 17X7.5, and the budget is probably under 1.2k for the set, I almost only do road driving. I know the budget is tight but any advices are welcome on good quality wheels at that price range. Much appreciated :)
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  14. Just a quick message to say hello to all and that I drive a 2018 86 and have fitted lowering springs and an Xforce UEL header with a hiflow cat-back 2.5inch exhaust. I look forward to talking with you all and hope to catch up with a few fellow 86 drivers at events. Cheers J
  15. I have a 2013 Scion FR-S, and I am looking for an exhaust system. I really want a loud exhaust that screams. I am looking here to buy the Invidia N1 catback exhaust with titanium (blue) tips. However I need advice from you guys on this. I am also debating between the N1 and the Crawford Twin Megaphone Gymkhana Axle Back Exhaust FRS (which I have heard is also really loud). Please help me with advice. The N1 is selling for around $560 and the Crawford one is much cheaper, I really dont want to spend more than $560. I really want a loud exhaust and I dont mind if it has drone, I would prefer a more 'scream' sound as opposed to the more ricer sound. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
  16. 1). Yes 2). It's always recommended to have a build engine - But i think 250 is forgiving. If you're willing to re-build your engine just go Turbo! 3). No, the clutch will handle it just fine. WHen it goes that's the time to replace it. 4). STI unlikely AWD always wins.
  17. A factory recall will cost you NIL. Call your Subaru dealer of choice, give them your VIN # or Rego # & they will take care of the rest. The dealer should provide a loan car for the period the car is in their workshop. The steering is an easy fix but the springs are not. Make sure the dealer is well versed on the operation or go to a dealer that is as special care is needed on the removal/cleaning of old sealant & re application of the new sealant which can be detrimental to engine life if not done properly.
  18. Hi guys so I have had my Subaru brz for 7 months now and my dumbass never checked for recalls when I bought it, so I checked now and it says I need 2 recalls is this gonna cost me an arm and a leg haven't had a chance to talk with subaru yet anyone got any advice
  19. Personally I wouldn't do it. You can ask a dealer for advice, they can supply & fit or you could go stra8 to a specialist who does such mods.
  20. Hey guys, I am thinking install tow bar on my 86 in Brisbane. I am wondering has anyone done it before or can point me to the right direction? Thank you
  21. Depends who does it, presume $500+ & most likely locked !
  22. Would that be your Hachi ? Looks yank . . .
  23. Hey Mate did you end up swapping or selling?
  24. Hey! Im looking to swap my auto Toyota 86 with 37k kms for a manual Toyota 86/brz. Located in Sydney NSW email me if you’re interested - [email protected]
  25. thank you, someone who purchases these wouldnt be regretting their decision
  26. @KAB Last night I pulled the SD card out of the HU & switched on the power to it & it worked fine whilst displaying the message about the missing SD card & its serial #. What I didn't try was disconnecting the battery as I didn't want to loose fuel trims etc. Suspect it would still work fine after you sort the security PIN startup.
  27. In a bid to revive the forums! I found a site that draws your car as into a cartoon! Which is pretty cool... I've attached an 86 drawing and a link to a post with a coupon too I've begun automotive blogging... and well trying to help revive the forum so figured I could try something general.. and managed to secure a coupon off them. https://shadycustoms.com/blog/animating-your-car/ So.. if you want your car animated, click the link!
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