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  2. 1). Yes 2). It's always recommended to have a build engine - But i think 250 is forgiving. If you're willing to re-build your engine just go Turbo! 3). No, the clutch will handle it just fine. WHen it goes that's the time to replace it. 4). STI unlikely AWD always wins.
  3. A factory recall will cost you NIL. Call your Subaru dealer of choice, give them your VIN # or Rego # & they will take care of the rest. The dealer should provide a loan car for the period the car is in their workshop. The steering is an easy fix but the springs are not. Make sure the dealer is well versed on the operation or go to a dealer that is as special care is needed on the removal/cleaning of old sealant & re application of the new sealant which can be detrimental to engine life if not done properly.
  4. Hi guys so I have had my Subaru brz for 7 months now and my dumbass never checked for recalls when I bought it, so I checked now and it says I need 2 recalls is this gonna cost me an arm and a leg haven't had a chance to talk with subaru yet anyone got any advice
  5. Personally I wouldn't do it. You can ask a dealer for advice, they can supply & fit or you could go stra8 to a specialist who does such mods.
  6. Hey guys, I am thinking install tow bar on my 86 in Brisbane. I am wondering has anyone done it before or can point me to the right direction? Thank you
  7. Depends who does it, presume $500+ & most likely locked !
  8. Would that be your Hachi ? Looks yank . . .
  9. Hey Mate did you end up swapping or selling?
  10. How much are Ecutek tunes?
  11. Hey! Im looking to swap my auto Toyota 86 with 37k kms for a manual Toyota 86/brz. Located in Sydney NSW email me if you’re interested - [email protected]
  12. thank you, someone who purchases these wouldnt be regretting their decision
  13. @KAB Last night I pulled the SD card out of the HU & switched on the power to it & it worked fine whilst displaying the message about the missing SD card & its serial #. What I didn't try was disconnecting the battery as I didn't want to loose fuel trims etc. Suspect it would still work fine after you sort the security PIN startup.
  14. In a bid to revive the forums! I found a site that draws your car as into a cartoon! Which is pretty cool... I've attached an 86 drawing and a link to a post with a coupon too I've begun automotive blogging... and well trying to help revive the forum so figured I could try something general.. and managed to secure a coupon off them. https://shadycustoms.com/blog/animating-your-car/ So.. if you want your car animated, click the link!
  15. @JNett What exactly is wrong with the tyres & the electrics ?
  16. The SD card contains all the GPS data & I'm guessing the unit goes looking for it immediately when it's booted up & chucks a wobbly is it's not there. I'll try my car tonight without it & see what it does & report back. It might be cheaper to get another unit WITH the SD card. I'd also call several Toyota dealers & ask for their best price as it's likely to vary.
  17. FT86Club is the greatest source of information & is therefore the best forum imo.
  18. Well I've started automotive blogging - maybe I'll try to share up some GT86 related posts... Here's one for now that's quite general... https://shadycustoms.com/blog/picking-a-mechanic/
  19. this forum went idle right at the time i started modding mine, and i've had it for 6 years but just decided to actually do things to it. i've been scouring the US FT86 forum, reddit and youtube for tips and how to guides.
  20. Howdy ! I brought my Gun Netal Grey GT86 in 2012 and am now starting to have issues with poor tyre choices and electrics. The car is great and I love driving it. I hope to read up on otheres experiences and what mods they have.
  21. I got this OP MX5 for cheap, then raced the shit out of it and had to sell the 86 to fund the amount of petrol it consumed lol (and repairs). Now i bought one... cause well every car seems boring, This one is slow.. but at least it doesn't break down.
  22. Why did you sell then get another ?
  23. worse still for ppl like me is that I rarely drive it anymore, my back is wearing out. Doesn't help that I can't do my proper exercise in weight training which helps counter act the pain I get. Damn Corona.
  24. Makes sense i guess... like when i sold the 86 i didn't log back in till i bought another
  25. Welcome Grubby, Hachi is a great steer that's for sure, not much under $100K that comes close for steering/handling ability & agility imo.
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