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86 WOLF - My Journey
In 2012 when the toyota 86 first came  out i was instantly drawn to their appearance.
Being young (14 years old) i wasnt so into the performance side, it was a sporty looking car so it must be fast!
The aftermarket scene blew up with big reatilers releasing aesthetic products for these cars. Afew years went on and i had started to make a list
of all the aftermarket gear i wanted for when i finally land myself one.
The time finally came, i waited out until the new facelift model (2017) was released.
My first experience driving it was filled with smiles and excitement, i began learning how the car handles, its strengths and weaknesses.
I didnt really understand why toyota/ subaru never released a turbocharged version from factory until i started to go on some "spirit" drives and afew track days.
The power was perfictly designed for the crazy amount of handling the car provided, you could have your foot to the floor, absoultey gunning it around a hard corner
and it would stick like it was on train tracks.

The First part of my build included:
1. Invidia N1 Catback
I chose this exhaust because it was loud and grumbly, it complimented the boxer engine and had a nice tone to it.
2. Tomei UEL headers
Aftermarket Headers allowed me to increase my power aswell as add some more sound to the car.
With the headers came a tune, this tune deleted the torque dip that the 86/brz have from factory, its around 3,000rpm. I was sitting at around 120kw
3. Tomei Overpipe
The overpipe opened up the exhaust system a tiny bit and allowed more flow, i got a small increase of torque with the tune but no increase in sound.
4. Pedders Xtreme XA Coilovers
Working for pedders i thought id give these coilovers a good go, after doing some research and asking around, they are a similar design to BC Racing / Tein coilvers.
Going from Factory springs/shocks to coilovers was a big change. The stiffness was definetly noticeable with the settings i first put my dampners to.
I lowered the car about and inch and a half and already i could feel a noticeable difference when cornering, the handling improved and i began to play with the dampners.
5. Rays 57XTREME SP-SPEC Rims + Hankook Tyres
These rims caught my eye the second i saw them, i decided to go with a 18x9.5 + 40 offset for all 4 rims. I knew that these specs werent ideal for performance/track
seeing as that the biggest tyre size our cars can fit without rolling guards are 255's maybe even 265's depending on height of the car and ofcourse the wheel alignment specs.
I went with the most common tyre size, 245/40/18. It was a massive stretch with a good chunk of the rim face sticking out, but hey, it looked cool!
The Hankook Ventus 3's were 245/40/18, they were street tyres, but performed pretty well in the dry. In the wet they began to slip on tight turns easily.
6. IRP Short Shifter
This shifter shortnered the gear throws by 60%, not to mention the height of the shifter its self. It was deisgned tall so that you could have your hands close to the
steering wheel when shifting.
The Second part of build:
This system wasnt quite as loud as the Invidia N1 (still loud) but had a deep rasp, the deisgn of it was much better aswell aestheically.
2. Cosmic Performance tune
With the new catback on it was time for a fine tune. I decided to go for a power tune with added pop and crackles. In terms of power gains from the previous tune, it felt
more responisve and more torquie. The pop and crackles sounded like a lamboguinie avendator roaring down the street, it actually helped to cool the cars temperatures.
Third part of my build/ Current.
It was time to look into going FI. I did my research and came across many turbo kits, the only 3 that caught my eye in terms of power gains/ design was the JDL UEL Turbo kit, Full Blown Motorsport kit and the Sydney Motorsport Engineering (SME) SPEC R kit.
This kit unlike most, wasnt a Greddy style kit.
The SME Spec R kit featured a Garret GT3076 Turbo, Dual port TurboSmart BOV, Turbosmart Wastegate, 3" Downpipe, Short but thick intercooler
so that i didnt have to take out my crash bar (keeping it engineerable). The piping was clean, hiding the K&N Podfilter just behind the front bar above the grill.
2. Tune + Problems
My first tune was unsuccessful, the new ECU of the facelift model provided challenges for the tuners, having new fueling/ scaling maps etc. I ran into the problem that my injectors
couldnt keep up with the big turbo. The fuel would cut at around 4k rpm just as the wastegate/screamer opens.
3. Plumb Screamer
I decided to plumb the screamer pipe into the downpipe for engineering purposes and to eliminate the horrible sound it made when the wastegate openend.
This did cost me power/ a small torque dip.
4. 1000CC Injectors + Retune
Once again the new ECU challenged the tuners, this time i decided to go for a dyno tune instead of a street tune, having solid power figures and a reliable map of AFR Levels etc
was importnant to me so that i knew everything was running well. The injectors i chose were ID 1000cc's, go big or go home. I went 1000cc so that i had plenty of room in the future.
The tune went better than expected, landing 208kw at the wheels and 290nm of torque on only 5 PSI.
Due to the wastegate being internal there was a small torque dip at around 4k rpm, only noticeable because full boost would hit just after the wastegate opened and it would kick harder.
For a GT3076 the new Manifold must have played a big part in the lag. Boost kicks in at 2.7k rpm on heavy load and hits hard. This was unexpected because earlier models with the same size
turbo were hitting boost at around 3.5k rpm.
5. Bridgestone RE003's in 255/30/18 all round.
This tyre size took away most of the stretch that i had before on the 245/40/18 hankooks. It was almost flush. With the car being boosted i needed extra grip, i ran the hankooks for one week
with the turbo setup and would constantly loose traction, afew times accidentally tail whipping even in 3rd gear.
The Bridgestone RE003's made a massive difference to the level of grip the car had. Since running these tyres i have yet to tailwhip. The old pacific highway was a good place to develope my skills
and to relearn the feel of the car. (At the private road in mexico) I hit the corners much tigher than i had before and the car never once felt out of control or lacking grip.
With the turbo on i couldnt flat foot it anymore around corners like the 86 was originally deisgned to be capable of. I had to easy on and off the throttle to prevent boost kicking my rear end out, but yet
it never did. The tyres didnt take long to heat up but even then they were solid when cold.
My plans for the future.
1. Clutch + Rear Axles (CV'S)
These are the only things holding me back from making big power.
The stock clutch is currently starting to slip, but is also limiting me as to how much boost i can run. 5PSI is the recommended max for the stock clutch with this size turbo due to its high power figures.
Once i get a clutch installed i will up the boost to a very safe and reliable 8psi which will put me around the 220-230kw on 98 Octane and will greatly increase the torque to 350-400nm.
I will be needing 600HP Carbon Fibre Axles so that im able to safely launch the car in 1st without anything breaking.
2. Oil Cooler + Catch Can
These will be essential for summer and for the track days i plan to do. Current temps sit around 105 degrees when on spirited runs, and around 100 degrees daily driving.
Currently i can smell unburnt oil after giving the car a good flogging. Im hoping the catch can will contain it and prevent it from recirculating around the system.
3. Big Brake Kit or Brake upgrade.
NEEEEED. The stock breaks are no where near strong enough to stop me. I plan on upgrading to AP Racing callipers, Minimum 4pot front and 2 pot rears.
4. E85 FLEX Fuel
POWER GAINS!!!! Having the ability to go flex is handy due to there not being many UNITED E85 Service staions around my area. The power increases will be massive and i will be look to max out
around 265kw at the wheels until i get a new gearbox.
5. Spoiler
With all the power, i will need some downforce for the track, i am wanting the VOLTEX TYPE 7 Swan Neck. Its super agressive and will definetly give me enough downforce.
6. Straight cut gearbox
Sounds amazing and will allow me to go over 265kw safely.
7. Built Motor
The road to 300kw+
With a built motor my car will finally be able to reach its full potential and my final goal. Having a GT3076 Turbo its going to produce crazy amounts of power. Its rated up to 750HP and can handle 30psi. I will easily be making over
300kw on E85 with around 14-18PSI.

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You don’t happen to be in the nsw/brz club do you. 86 Wolf is familar

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