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Harrop Supercharger or ????

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Hey guys,


As title suggests, I’m looking at adding some forced induction to my 86 and am 95% certain on the Harrop Supercharger but am open to any other suggestions before i pull the pin. Below will be details and questions in order for you guys to help with my decision.


Current mod list:


Toyota GT86 GTS Manual MY15 currently has 13,500km.


Whiteline postive shift kit

Whiteline diff bushes

Whiteline subframe bushes


JDL UEL headers chrome ceramic coated

Havoc Custom over pipe/front pipe and cat back, 2.5inch all the way (1 Hi flow cat, 1 res, 1 muffler)


Running Martini Racing fluids for Motor, Tranny and Diff. Motor Oil and Oil filter gets changed every 3000-4000km depending, no longer than that. 


Supporting mods planned for FI:


Catch can (PCV + Crankcase)

Defi Racer Gauges (Boost/Oil Pressure/AFR)

Brake pads and Brake fluid

Oil Cooler? (not too sure yet because i don’t track the car, and its a daily driver that gets spirited driven a lot)


Goals for FI and Questions:


- Reliability is the main key, i understand adding FI will diminish it but also how you drive and maintain + the tune you get will help keep the reliability up there. 


- 180-190kw is the power I’m looking for. I’ve been in and driven 200-290+kw SR’s and evo’s and thats just ridiculous power for the street for my liking esp in the wet, IMO around the 200 mark is fun enough, esp for a car this light.


- Since the car isn’t going to be tracked, mainly a DD and a lot of spirited driving, that top end of a turbo isn’t necessary compared to a turbo’s top end? Opinions? Smaller turbo will help with response and lag?


- Any other Supercharger or Turbo suggestion routes? My main reason for going to Harrop is that its designed and manufactured in house, and their history seems impeccable. So support is definitely there. 


- Will be tuned at Chequered Tuning once all installed.


As i said, I’m open to any other suggestions and advice you guys have.


Thank you,



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The Harrop uses the same internal unit as the Edelbrock overseas does. They seem to have an excellent rep so far. It just depends on if Harrop have screwed the pooch somewhere. I haven't head bad things but the exposure is somewhat limited. 


The Jackson Racing Supercharger is excellent and perhaps the most reliable of any. They have been extensively track tested. The only barrier there will be if you can get them easily in Aus. HKS and Kraftwerks use the same Rotrex unit as well. The HKS so far is fairly limited in examples but the Kraftwerks is very well known to eat belts like a fat kid on cake. The JR setup is far superior in that sense. 


Sprintex also make a great little kit. 


On the turbo front the only one I can reccommend would be the Coyoda. Throttle response is really good and the smaller turbo option makes very good low down boost. 


Any of the above should tune to around 155-170kw on 98 depending on efficiency. More is possible with more than standard boost/larger pulleys/unsafe tunes. If your tuner has a disney dyno he'll end up with about 200kw. Thats what most peoples figures are but just know those of us in QLD running 30-50kw less will be just as fast/powerful. I'd focus less on a power figure really and just get base boost. It's a nice zone really all round. 

Coyoda Turbo at 170kw and 220nm.




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Go with Harrop, you cant go wrong.

I am running the 90mm pulley (95mm is std) with no probs at all.

Output is 175kw and 280Nm ATW, which IMO is plenty for the 86 daily drive platform.

I would recommend drive in/drive out at Harrops if its possible.

I do not have an oil cooler because frankly once supercharged you wont be doing much "spirited" driving, unless you want to loose your licence.

I have an auto which shifts into 3rd at 100klm, and it goes through 1st and 2nd very very quickly.

Ive had to change my driving style from ringin its neck everywhere to now cautious use of the throttle. 




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How long have you been running the Harrop and any negatives you have found?

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