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#13557 VERTEX Lip Kits ( Genuine )

Posted by Caldine on 27 February 2013 - 10:42 AM

For those of you who haven't scrolled through our who is post , we are also the Distributors for both Australia and New Zealand for VERTEX Japan , T & E Products .

Vertex are renown Worldwide prodominately for Body Kits , but they also do a big range of lighting upgrades , steering wheels etc . We are about to place an order with them  in the next week or so , and we want to gauge your interest in their current lip kit for the 86.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Full Set Front Lip , Side Skirts and Rear Protector Set . NZ $ 1085.00 Approx AUD $ 875.00

Individual parts .

Front Lip. NZ $ 360.00 Approx AUD $ 290.00
Side Skirts . NZ $ 475.00 Approx AUD $ 385.00
Rear Protector set .  NZ $ 330.00 Approx AUD $ 270.00

I am just enquiring with T & E about shipping direct to the customer . I should hopefully have this information and pricing available shortly .
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#22014 Why should he have all the fun!

Posted by GTS Blonde on 01 July 2013 - 09:25 PM

Hi 86Forums Members,


As a newbie to 86Forums, I watched that tongue in cheek (I hope) video on the site featuring the ladies throwing a mental about their partners buying a supposedly midlife crisis Toyota 86. While I'm sure some women may act this way, when my husband started an ongoing affair with a Porsche 930 back in 1998, I took the other option and joined him in his Porsche Club social activities (a lot of fun as it turned out) and at his track days (not so much fun as it turned out), and bided my time.


Much to his dismay, when the time came for me to have my crisis, I decided to tread my own path. While many second hand Porsches were suggested by him, I fell for the 86. After all, it is sexy, the motoring community loves it (Car of the Year and all that), it is a purpose built sports car, it would be brand new and affordable, with a lovely three year warranty and fixed price servicing (I've seen his mechanic's bills .. Ha! Ha!). A friend in the motor trade helped out and in April I took delivery of a Metallic Sonic Blue 86 GTS auto with the aero option. While adding all the fruit hit the purse a bit harder, it was worth every cent. Hubby admitted defeat and even conspired with the dealer for some slim line colour coded custom plates as a nice surprise when it was delivered - 'FT8686'. After a few drives even he gave it the highest compliment - "It feel's very Porsche-like actually!"


Now of course he has taken an interest and the 86 already sports a slim line front plate mount, LED number plate lights and reversing lights courtesy of StreetFX  (he knew proprietor Mark through some Porsche Club dealings) and some tasteful chrome GTS letters for the other side of the boot (purchased online from California). Seeing I'm not really a Drifting sort of girl, he is already talking to his Yokohama motor racing supplier about replacing what he calls "those appalling Prius tyres" with the widest most grippy street legal tyres in their inventory that will fit on the existing wheels. I have heard the words ADVAN 'Neova', 225 or 235, and something like 'close to rolling radius' but I'll  leave that technical stuff to him. If any of you experienced owners have any suggestions about what he is doing with the tyres, please let me know. He said we can store the 'Prius tyres' and refit them when I sell the car. I am a bit worried he may be subtly setting it up for some track time (over my dead body). Anyway, now I have my own contacts with you guys so don't be afraid to give me your opinions. As the topic title suggests - why should he have all the fun (or think he knows everything?).


Oh yes, the boring personal details: I'm Finnish (yeah - typical blonde, blue eyes, pale as a flour mill worker), I'm in law enforcement (no further correspondence will be entered into - but relax, you won't find me in your rear view), I'm ageing disgracefully (definitely no futher correspondence etc) and I live in Melbourne. And yes - I am just loving the car. I'll attach some photo's when I work out how to shrink them down - mine are all 4MB and I'm no geek .. I'm a blonde afterall .. advice anyone?


Cheers Kris

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Posted by Caldine on 11 March 2013 - 03:14 PM

Hello Forum members . I have just received limited numbers of TRD Mechanical 2 Way LSD Centers . I have reserved 10 units only for 86Forums members  .

This offer is very unlikely to ever  be repeated .

Part Number 41301-ZN600 .

Forum Member Price  AUD $ 850 Delivered .

This is probably AUD $ 600.00 cheaper than you will find anywhere else on the net .

Posted Image

Conditions :

Only one per customer .

You must be a registered 86forums member . If you can't provide a current forum registration name , no sale .

Orders / enquiries only taken from HERE

Delivery will be done by EMS ( 3 - 4 days ) once payment has received .

Offer expires when all sold or until 11th April 2013.

Cheers .
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#11316 Off Topic Discussions

Posted by Prayamanti on 11 January 2013 - 08:54 AM

Spam Thread talk about what ever you want guys!!!

let me start

does anyone also think this s15 is well over priced?

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#10753 What have you done to your 86/BRZ today?

Posted by Method on 03 January 2013 - 01:03 AM

A thread where you can tell us/show us all what you have done to your 86 or BRZ.

Can be anything from an engine pull to simply cleaning it/ driving it. Whatever it is show us!

Hopefully this will get us more actively involved in what we are all doing and sharing the little tips and tricks we have discovered while playing with this wonderful machine..

Ill get the ball rolling with what i did today....

Installed a set of BC Coilovers and some 18x9.5's..

Posted Image

Posted Image
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#10238 We are now Opti-Coat dealers!

Posted by Solar Style Window Tinting on 18 December 2012 - 04:21 PM

Hi guys,

most of you who have done your research will have heard of the Opti-Coat paint protection product. Here is information on the product and more is available at

Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.
The Opti-Coat pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish.
Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces.

What makes Opti-Coat different?

Opti-Coat is not a paint protection wax or sealant that will wash away, or break down over time. Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate.
A single layer of Optimum Clear Coating measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. When compared to other paint protection products, Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker, with tests showing a wax coating measuring less than 0.02 microns.
This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder Optimum Ceramic Coating, the factory paint is protected and preserved.
Opti-Coat is completely resistant to acidic environmental substances such as bird droppings.
Unlike your factory clear coating that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these substances, and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained.

Opti-Coat is tested and proven by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation for Chemical and Scratch Resistance. Please see attached PDF document for the results.

Attached Files

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#5570 chasing.. can you get?

Posted by wtf on 03 October 2012 - 07:21 AM

still chasing..

1) Grazio black out lights
2) JDM 3rd brake light

also wanting

Cusco front strut brace with brake stopper,
Cusco rear strut brace
Cusco rear camber arms

please pm!

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#21027 16/06/13 86/BRZ Birthday meet QLD

Posted by mikalow86 on 18 June 2013 - 01:07 PM

Hey guys just some pics from the event. (55 cars turned up another QLD/national record!)


DSCF3067-2.jpg DSCF3075.jpg DSCF3078.jpg


DSCF3082.jpg DSCF3085.jpg DSCF3086.jpg


DSCF3092.jpg DSCF3096.jpg DSCF3100.jpg


DSCF3104.jpg DSCF3108.jpg DSCF3111.jpg


Thanks to everyone who helped to put this event together and hopefully next one will be bigger and better :). Anyone else who got pics from the event please put them up.

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#15892 $146 Worth Photo Shoot

Posted by Pengasus on 03 April 2013 - 06:41 AM

When i was paying the fine at the post office, lady at the counter said "oh, that's a nice picture".
I guess that's one way of looking at it...

Posted Image
Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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#12262 DIY - 86/BRZ Auto-fold Side Mirrors

Posted by Outsider on 23 January 2013 - 08:56 PM

Hi all,

Took some (extremely rough) pics while installing my 86/BRZ auto-fold side mirror kit, so thought I would do a quick write-up as I could not find any info online on how to do this. As the product suggest, this allows the mirrors to automatically fold in upon pressing the lock button (Or swiping the sensor on the door handle for GTS owners). Then automatically unfold when the car is switched to accessories prior to starting the vehicle.

WARNING: Do this mod at your own risk, I am 100% NOT qualified in anything relating to vehicle electronics and completed this all by guess work :P

Note: A quick thank-you to @Agent86 for picking the kit up for me whilst at Garage88!

Estimated Time: Aprox 15mins

Tools Required:
-Phillips Head screwdriver
-Flat head screwdriver

This is how the kit arrives, included is a complete 'plug-and-play' loom setup with the auto-fold module, plus a few zipties, doublesided tape and a page of Japanese to admire, of which I have no-idea how to interpret....


Step 1: Removing the drivers side door card.


This is done by first using a flat head screw driver to pop open the small cap behind the door handle. A phillips head screw can then be removed.


Next, the plastic cover piece on the arm rest needs to be removed. This is held on by clips and a small lip at the top. So use a small amount of force and from the bottom-up.


Next, is this black clip thingy (No clue what it's actually called hah), use a flat head screw driver to remove.


The door card is now just held on by clips around the perimeter of the door, which simply pop out when a small amount of force is applied.


Unplug the clips to the stock switches and unhook the door handle cables and you will now have complete access to the door.


Now it is as straight forward as connecting the corresponding plugs to one another.


Next unplug the clip which connects the door locking mechanism.

9.JPG Auto mirror wire tap 2.jpg Added for clarity.

Now, using the final remaining black wire which runs from the automatic-fold module, split this wire into the pinkish/red wire of the door locking mechanism. (NOT the yellow wire like pictured). The black plastic piece supplied is folded and splits into this wire without the need of any cutting/splitting/soldiering.


10.JPG Auto mirror wire tap 1.jpg Added to illustrate the best route for the wire. 

Finally, attempt to neaten up the wires with the zip-ties provided. Tape the black module box to an area of the door card which will not be affected when re-installed.


Finally, re-install the door card.

Excuse the lack of clarity, found it rather difficult to put into writing what was involved, but it really is a straight forward mod. Happy to expand on anything if anyone has any questions.

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Posted by lame duck on 16 January 2013 - 02:22 AM

hey fellows,

I aint computer savvy and felt quite chuffed last night when, having "pressed" a few buttons, suddenly found that by scrolling i could alter the borders of the page making the page bigger or smaller - and so the print, i think.

Pleased as a rat with a gold tooth i realised i had stumbled on something i could brag about, and that, by telling others of my new found skills, would gain me notoriety and respect for such an important discovery.

Of much more importance however was the fact i could tell those unwashed persons who dared challenge me when once i had changed my font and without recognition of my new skills had the audacity to ask me to change the font as the very informative article i had written was apparently, to them, too hard to read!

Now no-one dare challenge me as i could point out to them what they could very simply do to increase the font in stature allowing even the simpleton to read.

I cringe as i must now seek your help as i find that i cant read the edges of the page as its too big and falls over the side into ether land and words of wisdom (from me to you) are lost forever to float in space with other works of the finest literatury standard - i am also stirred to an inquisitiveness of what others have written, knowing it wouldnt reach my standards of loquacity, but still someone may have been able to pique me with their scribblings.

Has anyone done the same and found a way back to make the page normal as i cant discover what i did, when i did it, so now i am done - help please.

I also have allowed my puter to dominate me in another area in that the keys either end of the bottom line will not work - that is the question mark and the key the other end that is used before oo and is a place where animals are kept - i would have thought that letter would not be called on much but even in this masterful missive i have had need of it and its only my clever skills that have allowed the avoidance of it - i come to you on fallen knee to ask what can i do to get back to a normality allowing the whole page to fit on the page and what can i do re the 2 functions missing on either end of the bottom line.

my mother warned me when a little boy (me-not her) to stop a certain habit else a calamnity would befall me - i should have stopped it!
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#7852 TRD Cabin Sound Tubes

Posted by Sweep on 10 November 2012 - 08:02 PM


There have been a lot of questions regarding the TRD Cabin Sound tubes about what they do and getting more information about these mysterious tubes. I hope I can de-mystify them for you and if you have any questions let me know. I am hoping to give you some comparison via video.

I thought I would start off by giving a brief description of each tube in the kit. (From Silent to Loud)
And then give a DIY guide for installation with PICs etc.

The Blue tube is Quiet as the tube is infact blocked completely. I hear you saying that you might as well remove the whole cabin noise kit from the engine bay. If you do this the engine will sound a little lame without an intake. With the blue tube you still get a resonance sound its just very quiet.

The Green tube is louder than the stock (white) tube by about 50% with a little more growl down low.

The Red tube is the loudest and by about 100% (so twice as loud) and there is a noticable growl across the rev range with an absolute howl in the top end.


Installation Time: Approx 15-20mins
Difficulty: Easy

1. Tools you will need:

12mm Socket
Pliers (Clip or Needle Nose are best)

Posted Image

2. Using the 12mm Socket, undo the Drivers side strut to chassis brace. There are 3 nuts and 1 bolt to remove and lift it from the engine bay (Please note: if you have incy wincy baby hands you could get away without removing the strut brace)

Posted Image

3. You will see a Pipe like the one pictured below this is the pipe we are disconnecting from the cabin, but not from the join you can see in the image. It is actually very easy to see and get too once the strut brace is removed.

Posted Image

4. OK so this is the area where we will be disconnecting the pipe. I apologise for the lack of a decent photo here however the camera will not go down there. So you can see the steering column, and the pipe we are talking about, entering the hole in the firewall. Feel the pipe down to where it meets a rubber grommet and pull it so you can free the pipe. (Bear in mind you may get grease from the steering column on your hand so make sure you have a rag or your wife's best towels to wipe your hands on.

A mate of mine also mentioned that you could push the tube out from the inside of the cabin, do at your own risk but it might make things easier for getting it out but if you slip and cut, pinch or basically destroy the grommet, its your own fault.

Posted Image

5. Once you have freed the pipe end bring it out into plain sight and this is what you should see.

Posted Image

6. Using your pliers squeeze the 2 tabs of the pipe clamp to expand the clamp and move it down the pipe away from the sound tube (White thing). Now hold the tube and twist the white sound tube back and forth while trying to pull it from the pipe.  

7. Once you have removed the white sound tube, grab the TRD sound generator tube of your choice, and make sure you position it so that the end of the sound generator tube with the TRD logo on it is not the end you are putting into the pipe (like the image below). Now twist the sound tube so the plastic seam is in line with the white line on the black pipe. This will make sure that the orientation is correct when installing back into the firewall grommet. Then return the pipe clamp back to its original position.

Posted Image

8. Now put the pipe back into the grommet in the firewall, if you are having issues finding it it is under the steering column. You can feel for the grommet with your fingers to get an idea of where the hole is first (Done this before have we?) and then insert the pipe into the grommet, ensuring that the tube is inserted all the way up to the collar on the sound generator. Now duck around to the cabin and behind the pedals pull back the edge of the carpet and you shoud see something like this.

Posted Image

9. After your finished admiring your hole, you can put the strut brace back on, make sure all tools are clear of the engine bay and drop the hood. Now jump in your car and enjoy.


Posted Image





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#21474 New CUSCO Carbon Products

Posted by Caldine on 25 June 2013 - 01:32 PM

Cusco have just released some Carbon bits and pieces for 86 / BRZ . 


Pre-Order offer ( 20 % off ) is valid until the 20th July 2013 ( orders being placed the week after )

Any questions , pls don't hesitate to ask .
GST not aplicable to Australian orders .



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#21326 My new buddy SIMBA

Posted by 86 II on 23 June 2013 - 09:45 PM

Our new addition to the family Simba - Shih-tzu / Maltese



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#18679 How is every one?

Posted by Mrmango on 17 May 2013 - 08:12 PM

On the contrary I just devoured a ultimate double whopper after hitting the gym ( i know right ) 





It was







Got done speeding for 3 points a few days ago, only 1 left :( Sutty got me again!


Im on a high from this amazing burger and felt the need to tell everyone about it 


Have a great weekend bro/s

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#18594 My new iPhone5 cover

Posted by Sutty on 16 May 2013 - 05:24 PM

What do you all think of my new iPhone 5 cover.
The piston logos doesn't show up too well in artificial light but it is actually coloured in Sonic Blue instead of red or grey.
Yes it's home made but I needed a new cover and had been mucking around painting in a set of piston badges and thought I would combine the two.



The logos is a tiny bit off square so when I get five minutes I will be removing it and realigning it slightly.
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#17980 Barricade Decepticon 86

Posted by Blue8T6 on 08 May 2013 - 01:16 PM

Our comms were down at work so I spent my time doing a bad photoshop of a black 86 to make it look like the Decepticon Barricade.  A part of me wishes I'd gotten a black 86 now so that I could do this to it lol  Would love to see someone do one IRL !

Just putting it up to share ( I know my photoshopping skills are immensely subpar!)

Posted Image
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#17775 My input into this thread is ceasing

Posted by Sutty on 06 May 2013 - 08:42 AM


Due to a change in circumstances at work I no longer have the time to dedicate to this thread.
I have requested that this part of the forums be locked.
I will still be around the forums and as active as possible but any new thread posted in here will not be responded to by me.
Thanks for all of your great questions and support whilst I was able to help in this part of the forums.
Happy and safe driving

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#19055 [QLD] 9am Sun 26 May 2013 | Brisbane-Nimbin-Brisbane Cruise

Posted by AndrewGTS on 22 May 2013 - 10:22 PM

Okay, here is the link to the final itinerary for Sunday - http://goo.gl/maps/OB5Qw


In a nutshell, we depart Eight Mile Plains Bus Station Carpark 'A' at 9:30am sharp, and head down the M1.


We take Exit 85 at Reedy Creek 'B' and turn right onto Stapely Drive, and then left onto Old Coach Road, and then hit the mountains.


The Gold Coast meeting point (first 15 min rest stop) is at Coplick Family Sports Park, Cnr Andrews Road & Tallebudgera Connection Road, Tallebudgera 'C'. Plenty of parking here. I recommend everyone commencing from there be there by no later than 10:15am, as we will be leaving 15 minutes after our arrival.


The second 15 min rest stop is at Masterson Park Upper Burringbar Road, Burringbar 'H', again, we will be leaving 15 minutes after our arrival.


The 1 hour lunch stop is at Riverside Drive, Tumbulgum 'L'. We will need to park single file along either side of this road.


Disregard my previous posts about packed lunches, etc. There is an excellent fish and chip shop here, and they have been forewarned of our arrival. Again, we will be leaving 1 hour after our arrival.


Please note BRZOOM (Black BRZ with personalised BRZOOM plates) will be the lead vehicle. As soon as you see BRZOOM depart each location, it is time to leave.


Upon the completion of the cruise (when we get back to the M1 at Robina - 'S') we will all split off home from there.


Massive thanks to BRZOOM - before he came on board this was literally a drive to Uki and back. BRZOOM created the entire itinerary from Mudgeeraba onwards.


Please note, some stretches of the road particularly in NSW have quite high speed limits, despite being quite testing. One section of the cruise is sign posted as 100kmh, despite being windier than Mt Mee, Nebo & Glorious combined.


Also, there are a number of single lane dual direction bridges (with oncoming traffic sharing the single lane) as we go down Springbrook, so take care down that section as well.


So drive safely and keep your wits about you.


Please note, there is a speed camera at both State border crossings, not that anyone will be speeding.


Lets do this!

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#14640 QLD 86/BRZ Fat Fitment Pre Meet

Posted by R4TED R on 13 March 2013 - 06:15 PM

This pre meet was better than the Fat Fitment meet due to we were all together & just had more fun. Looking forward to plan more meets/bbq as well.
Enjoy the photos
- Jono

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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